Thinking of a career change at this time? 
Curious to hear more on global market trends within HR?

If you're open to hearing of new HR career roles and/or would like to stay informed of developments across all specialist areas within HR functions around the world, you're welcome to enquire about joining our network.  

Please do note that we only work with HR professionals, who typically have the following work histories:

  • bi or multi-lingual language skills to business fluency and/or have lived & worked extensively outside of their home countries
  • track record of effecting change and business enablement with commercially led ROI results
  • history of achieving high performance ratings
  • experience working successfully within Fortune, FTSE and other complex matrix, fast growth multinational companies

Alternatively you can make direct contact and confidential CV/Resume submission via
You can also visit our vacancies page to see a selection of the hiring assignments we're working on currently.

Our long term stable of employer clients typically have precise hiring criteria so we cannot find work options for every HR professional in the world unfortunately.  We do however promise to respond to any queries within 48 working hours, to advise whether we're likely to be able to assist with career planning.