If an embedded search model is the answer for you, consider Inexec.


What is Inexec?

It is a partnership between Carter Morris and you, the employer client, designed to save you time and money when searching for mid to senior level talent across all business functions.

We work with you on an exclusive basis for a fixed period of time (normally one to three years) to help you find the right people for all your mid to senior level jobs right across your organisation, within a timescale for each assignment that helps keep your business moving.

So how do we do that?  Well, we know you probably only have three things that really matter when you start a search and those are the things we focus on:

  • Quality candidates
  • Fast delivery
  • Value

To find the best possible candidates we use deep subject matter experts who know and understand the specific functional vertical you’re looking in. 

Their expertise enables us to provide you with ready to interview candidates within 4 working weeks from the start of the assignment.

Completing this process quickly means we don’t have to spend so much money and can pass on those savings to you, permanently.


Three products to choose from

  1. Complete – we do all your hiring at mid to senior level across all functions for a fixed and exclusive period.
  2. Partial – we do all your hiring at mid to senior levels across all functions for a fixed and exclusive period, except for specified functions/roles that sit outside the agreement.
  3. On-demand – within the limits of an exclusive agreement we complete assignments as they occur on a fee basis.

The advantages?

  • Enables your company and/or HR function to monitor/control/track all recruitment search activity
  • You gain search services far more cost effectively
  • Your company profile is developed and promoted rather than that of a "outside" search firm
  • You can budget more accurately for search spend across any given period.

Talent Management

To complement this executive recruitment service we can also provide you with a range of talent management initiatives. From talent mapping both internally and externally, talent pooling, creating succession plans for key roles, market salary surveys to change management we have the tools and expertise to make your business work better.