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Avoiding Digital for HR dummies

Arguably we’ve already raised enough business leader astonishment and derision at our need for “Finance for HR” courses.  You rarely see other functions getting called out for a ‘dummies’ approach to understanding business fundamentals, so stampeding to courses on “Digital for HR” may not be our best tactic.

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Your HR Resume - 12 components that make it compelling, stand out & impress the hell out of hiring managers!

Hiring managers are NOT looking for job descriptions or activities on your resume.  Job descriptions are simply boring descriptions of the responsibilities of the HR positions you have held in the past. Today, that simply won’t cut it.

The language of business is dollars and numbers. Everyone wants HR folks who deliver impact and produce results.

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It’s Expensive to Not Provide Candidate Feedback

...46% of candidates who believe they have had a “negative” overall experience say they will take their alliance, product purchases and relationship somewhere else....An unhappy candidate could also make negative remarks about your company, chasing away potential talents and clients. In fact, 27% of candidates following a bad experience would “actively discourage others to apply.”

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The ONE quality that all the superstars in HR have…

Financially savvy HR managers can identify where the “artful” aspects of finance have been applied to the numbers, where the “soft spots” (or BS) are in the numbers, and they know how applying the numbers differently might lead to different conclusions.    They are thus prepared, when appropriate, to question, push back and challenge the numbers like any other member of the business team.

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Up close and personal

In this instance, the questions needing answers, weren’t so sensitive or intrusive that the hiring leader could feel the opening of discrimination risk if the offer went sour.  In actual fact, the questions showed care, compassion, and an understanding of the need to balance new home and family integration with professional life in a new country. 

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Why isn't the Head of HR becoming our new CEO?

HR has an unrivalled view across the organisation and regularly deals with serious and complex issues that have an impact at all levels.  Decisions about people are fundamental to the success and wellbeing of an organisation but, despite these qualities, it is usually the accountant, lawyer, salesman, or operations person who lands the top job.

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When did talent management take over HR?

We have been doing some research recently into the HR structures of some of our newer, more technologically savvy businesses and it appears that a subtle but significant change in HR might be taking place. In the past, the senior HR person in any organisation was probably the Group Head or SVP of HR or something similar but we are now seeing the rise of a Head of Talent Management instead. What might be going on?  Is this a permanent change, and what does it mean for the HR profession?

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Real estate & recruitment

How far through is the person in decision making?  Like the folks who are just curious about seeing a house with no intent of purchasing, there is an alarming number of job seekers, even at very senior level, who find it acceptable to enter into a hiring process "just to be sure" of an employment offer they've already accepted elsewhere!

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