About Carter Morris

We're not your typical executive search firm


We are experts in hiring HR leaders world wide.

(but we're also down-to-earth human beings, too)

Carter Morris is a high energy team of people. We love every aspect of talent acquisition (and we frequently spark animated conversations about efficient sourcing models, employer branding, candidate integrity, win-win negotiations, technology utilisation, useful talent pipelining and a whole lot more to encourage thought leadership within HR).

We come from strong commercial backgrounds, so we know exactly what that gap in your team means in terms of pressure.

We have many years of market knowledge (and grey hair to back it up), deep technical expertise, and seriously high quality networks.  We’re adaptable, we hold ourselves accountable, and we're apparently fun to work with.

We won’t bore you with the traditional, stock standard spiel on professionalism, partnership, solutions focus, result delivery, value for money, respecting your time, ethics, etc, etc. You’ve heard it all before. Instead, have a look at what our clients or candidates say, or just ask us to link you to any of our referees…


Carter Morris Talent Solutions -  Our Leadership team


Leanne Morris

I have a job that I love.  I work with a team of people who constantly impress me with their professionalism, dedication, and empathy for others - it sounds corny, but it's true.  I get to interact with a huge variety of stakeholders daily, and I still find myself being shocked, disappointed, bemused and wowed by the professional stories I hear, and the situations I have to broker, every day.  It certainly keeps my work interesting, and not a day goes by without me chuckling at some point.

Earlier in my 30 year career I was a HR Leader (Personnel back in the day).  Working in a combined retail and manufacturing environment, with a heavily unionised presence, I learnt my trade with an acute appreciation for P&L pressures whilst wearing steel capped boots and a hard hat!  

I love sourcing and securing professionals for companies and I love helping people find the next great step for their careers.   I can "soapbox" for hours about recruitment methodologies and all aspects of talent acquisition and talent management.   

I've lived in Australia, Malaysia, North America, England, France and now Switzerland.  I've been lucky enough to travel extensively across the globe as part of my work, and still love to travel in my "free" time.  When I am distracted from having fun at work, I'm enjoying living in the Swiss Alps - cow bells, delicious cheese, chocolate, and some of the best motorcycling roads I've ridden in the world.  I'm not a domestic goddess by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm handy fixing things in the garage and workshop.  I love attending motorbike, automobile and truck shows - actually any event featuring engineering, tools and mechanical technology! 


Vanessa Blackburn

I have had over 20 years of my career operating as a HR professional for globally known branded companies.  I've always loved getting to the "nitty gritty" of what business leaders have been seeking when hiring for their own teams, and have felt great satisfaction in matching the best possible person to the needs of the company.  Now, as a specialist hiring for international HR leaders, I can fully appreciate the challenges being faced by companies who need more than ever before, progressive and commercially pragmatic support from their HR partners. 

I've worked directly across a variety of sectors, and this breadth and depth of professional experience really helps me to match great HR talent to employers of choice.  Working with an exceptionally dedicated and professional team around me is simply the icing on the cake!

I'm quite creative away from my corporate work, and have taught myself jewellery design which has enabled a little "pin money" as a bonus.  I've also been "giving back" in my local community, helping small businesses with sales development, people leadership and relationship management; and working with local schools to apply a creative led careers approach.  I recently reinvigorated my childhood love of horses and have started riding again after almost 30 years, which I love doing alongside my daughter!  I greatly enjoy time with my pet dogs as well, and have a wonderful family who provide fabulous support for all my endeavours.


Tracey Thompson

I spent 18 years working in London in financial services, then had 13 years of self-employment to enable me to work from home and bring up my 2 children.  It was a good balance for me at the time and I'm very proud of the ongoing achievements of my sons.

As a family, we're active with sports, schooling, social and community support activities.   I juggle to fit in theatre, travel, gardening and cooking exotic dishes.  I am also learning to live with our rather boisterous puppy - effectively a third child for the work she creates! 

I hugely enjoy the work I do today - it enables me to be in contact with professionals all around the world and it is certainly refreshing my knowledge of geography!  I relish the diversity of stories I hear daily, and wonder how so many companies just haven't got their HR functions "ship shape" after so many years of investment!  I have no shortage of projects for the team and we've got plenty of ideas for how we can do things even better and faster.  Our team is very social, and we actually enjoy spending time with each other outside of work - I think it helps that we all share similar values and convictions, and we're really quick to laugh our ourselves!


Dawn Mulvaney

I've had years of working within the recruitment sector, and feel like I've seen it all - the good, the bad, the ugly practices of both search consultants and job seekers and hiring leaders.  I've been with Carter Morris since the company's inception, and I am inspired by the integrity of every member of our team; plus I love that we have the luxury of choice to partner only with ethical HR professionals.  The team nag me for never "switching off" from work, but I cannot help to get so involved in what we're doing - luckily my family are very understanding!   

I love keeping everything running efficiently and I too have no shortage of projects for my team.  We're working through a long list of extra things we can effect to improve on our "best in class" service for the HR professionals seeking new career options and for our employer clients.  I am always happy to hear of more ideas!

I really enjoy camping with my family and am a regular attendee at our local rugby club.  I am told I have a flair for fashion and design, and certainly I have a passion for shopping - be it clothes or home decor or simply items for other people!  I enjoy cooking, but prefer watching the rest of the Carter Morris team creating delicious treats in the kitchen - except for Leanne, they are all great cooks!