As experts in hiring across the entire HR profession, we have many examples that demonstrate the complexities we've had to address for our hiring leaders.  A sample of recent case studies is noted below.


International VP HR

HR professional to work directly with an international business President and his leadership team, whilst managing a HR team to support niche, specialist workforces across a multitude of countries with minimal HR frameworks in place regionally.

Remit challenge - to effect cultural and organisational change after a significant acquisition, and retain and engage the newly acquired workforce

Particular focus on leadership development given 9 of the team of 12 execs were new appointments into the company. There was also a priority to focus on talent - after the recent acquisition there was a need to identify who to retain, what skill gaps were missing within the teams, attracting new talent in a highly competitive market for the niche skills and experience required, and developing the workforce and improving productivity to achieve double digit growth plans

Hiring challenges - finding a HR leader with both strategic and operational capacity, to work in a "perform or exit culture", with unusual language skills, and experience supporting both manufacturing and scientific communities in a highly regulated environment; and who had lived and worked extensively across continents (rather than just a local national); but who would be based from Sweden with high levels of international travel.

Solution - 4 HR professionals were recommended by Carter Morris within just 3 weeks of starting the search. The successful candidate accepted the employment offer with no quibble (all mitigating negotiation factors had already been identified, tested and rechecked by us); and the candidate has proceeded to achieve the highest possible performance ratings since commencing.

Director Employee Relations

Consumer Goods company aiming to setup an employee relations CofE. Multiple countries to be supported; remit to manage an existing caseload and work pro-actively with HRBP’s to minimise future dispute escalations.

Remit challenge- to manage a pro active service and technical expertise across multiple juristictions; to balance the politics of setting up a new CofE with the varying expectations of critical stakeholders; to address all compliance and dispute risk without hampering business effectiveness

Hiring challenges – securing a multi lingual specialist who could support high caseloads whilst also contributing directly to strategic and holistic risk management policy development. Role had been advertised extensively and many professionals had been approached directly by company with no success

Solution- 3 fully assessed professionals were recommended by Carter Morris within just 4 weeks of starting the search. All previously contacted candidates were also declined on behalf of the hiring client in order to ensure "brand protection". the successful candidate accepted the employment offer (that had been created in consultation with Carter Morris to take into account market benchmarks, candidate benchmarks and client budget). The candidate has proceeded to achieve above-average performance ratings since commencing.

VP of International Benefits

Consumer goods company wanting to centralise and streamline what had been historically a fragmented benefits team operating in silos. High profile role given recent media publicity on benefits compliance issues and financial waste

Remit challenge - to effect a comprehensive benefits audit across multiple countries (with historically poor MI and systems) with a view to ensuring compliance and identifying any risk; subsequently building a more robust benefits framework to prevent any future issues; to contribute to talent attraction, engagement and retention in a globally niche skill labour market; to make ongoing recommendations for commercial synergies.

Hiring challenges - finding a professional with at least bilingual language skills, with deep audit and statistical analysis expertise, plus strong interpersonal skills with the ability to influence all levels of stakeholders in a relationship driven culture. The local market for potential talent was tiny for professional with the extent of multi country expertise required so relocation was a potential factor

Solution - Carter Morris utilised their extensive networks across EMEA/APAC countries to find a selection of high calibre professionals. 4 were recommended within 2 weeks of taking the hiring brief, and the successful hire was effected with the relocation of a professional from South Africa to India. The candidate has since been promoted twice within the broader global HR function since commencing.

Global VP for HR Operations

Shared service centre specialist with ideally financial qualifications and extensive HRIS expertise, to work with leadership teams and a newly appointed CHRO, whilst managing a generalist HR team to support first line queries, case management and reporting; and overhauling all shared service policies and process.

Remit challenges - to take over an existing role within a long established but under resourced and poorly regarded shared service centre, that was under utilised by the existing HRBP population who didn’t want to relinquish control. Need to manage a multi-facet service offering covering a full value chain workforce; and contribute to broader HR and business agenda issues to create a service area that was regarded as "value add" and "business productivity enablers".

Hiring challenges - need for high discretion throughout the search and hiring process given the incumbent was not aware she was being replaced. Securing a multi lingual specialist who could work effectively across vastly different cultures within this multinational employer; who could engage particularly sceptical stakeholders in a company experiencing significant change and priority ambiguity and cost constraints

Solution - 5 HR professionals were recommended by Carter Morris within just 3 weeks of starting the search. The successful candidate accepted the employment offer with no need for negotiations beyond those already cleared by Carter Morris prior to the formal offer. The candidate was given extra responsibilities and scope within 6 months of commencement and continues to achieve high performance ratings year after year.

Regional Head of Talent

Newly created role driven by need for company to attract, retain and engage niche skilled workforces within a highly competitive market for business and for talent and to prove ROI for all initiatives in order to move the role to a permanent salaried post.

Remit challenges - to engage a sceptical CEO and board; build sustainable talent frameworks to enable aggressive growth plans; integrate acquisitions that had been recently made; introduce talent concepts and succession planning; in an organisation that had endured historically poor service delivery from a demotivated HR team of varying capabilities; whilst introducing compliance, performance and risk management cultures, without reducing the entrepreneurial culture of the company.

Hiring challenges - finding a highly experienced professional who could open the minds and hearts of the executive team and other stakeholders; who could transact operationally in the short term and deliver tangible ROI whilst working towards a more strategic focus; ideally a professional who had a work history within both “best practice” corporates and greenfield startups; limited salary budget and hire timed for end of year with no option for stock/bonus buyout for the successful hire; and to ensure the commitment of a professional who was likely already in a secure salaried role and balance the risk of them moving to what would initially be a fixed term employment contract

Solution - 3 professionals were recommended by Carter Morris within just 2 weeks of starting this search. The executive function were "wowed" by each and moved straight to a permanent salaried hire. The appointed professional is now a member of the ExCo and continues to be highly regarded by the leadership team

Talent Acquisition Director

Consumer goods company in double digit growth mode needing support to hire now and for the short-mid term to be able to effect global market expansion plans; but with a poor track record for delivering on hiring promises both internally and externally.

Remit challenges- to provide internal consultancy support on a range of talent acquisition factors inclusive of employer branding, consistency of positive candidate experience, creation of graduate/entry level hiring schemes, support for D&I initiatives, provision of data to support with MI and market trends, cost containment with multiple agency and RPO's in place, and input in broader HR initiatives inclusive of R&B to enable better attraction and retention of globally scarce talent

Hiring challenges - finding a technically proficient TA specialist who could balance operational delivery with strategic interventions for TA functions around the world, each at varying stages of delivery and framework maturity; to provide strategy, policy and tools to support extreme business growth; to influence via a recently effected CofE model. High need for a professional with a regulatory and cultural awareness across vastly different countries; with advanced technical ability and a consulting mindset; with at least fluent English and Spanish language skills; to be based from Mexico City; with the career runway to be a high performer now and a likely successor to their HR leader within a short timeframe; and global mobility for further career progression within the corporation. Role had already been open for over 5 months with the internal talent acquisition team - the TA community were understandably thus sceptical of the role and the employer given it was well known that the role had already been “live” for so long.

Solution - 5 professionals were recommended after a global search by Carter Morris, and a successful transfer was made of a professional from Europe into Mexico City.


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